Shakes for breakfast

Having a shake for breakfast is the corner stone for having a great start to your day. Whether your goal is to lose weight or just to improve your health, having a shake for breakfast is a great way to start the day and to keep you going.

Why so great?

Just follow my reasoning……..

Maria and I have been using the idea of a shake for breakfast for a number of years now. The shake powder offers the nutrition and substance required for a healthy start to the day. Without it, we have felt sluggish and lacking in energy,

For many years we use to add our Herbalife shake powder and protein powder to either soy milk or cows milk, added fruit for variety and blended it all together in a blender.  However, more recently we have changed our approach. Now when we make a morning shake, we use the Vitamix which is a powerful blender which can be used to blend many fruits and vegetables into liquid. This way you gain all of the nutrition of the added fruits,  and once added with the shake powder, you have a perfect start to your day. The fruits will give you the up and go energy, and the shake powder will sustain you until lunch. It is a perfect way to get started each day.

We will be using this blog to add recipes and photos of our shakes and smoothies. Our purpose is to share our approach with others with the view to assisting others to achieve a healthier start to their day. Let us know your thoughts and experiences.

James and Maria


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